If you don’t read these 5 tips you are clearly ‘INSANE’


Do you feel satisfied currently in your career?

Or in your life?

It is important to take some time to reflect on the above.

Too often you can be running on autopilot.

Rushing around from one thing or person to another.

Your job.

Your partner.

Your kids.

Your emails or phone.

Before long each day becomes a sort of Groundhog Day.

Each day repeating and each week whizzing by.

A week, month and even a year passes and you have not stopped to think let alone feel.

And when you do, you realise you have lost yourself.

You have stopped looking after yourself.

Health, sleep and energy has started to suffer.

It’s starting to have a knock-on effect on your relationship with the people around you.

It does not have to be that way.

It’s YOUR choice. Remember what Einstein said:

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

Here are some 5 steps you can take to get out of the ‘asylum:’

1. Define your ideal day: Take time to plan out what your ideal days looks like. Put as much details as you can. Use your senses. How close is it to where you are now? What is one small step you can do to close the gap?

2.You at your best: Look at each role in your life (example: director, father, son) and write down the qualities you would be showing for each role. How close to is it to where you are now? What is one small step you will do towards being your best in each role?

3. Pause to reflect: The time you give yourself to just pause and reflect are the key to you moving in the right direction. If you were lost driving, you would pullover and look at your map navigation before setting off again. Often when you are not being busy your best ideas come.

4. Prioritise you: You are the most important person in your life. Sounds selfish right? Well actually not. If you put a few activities for yourself each week you will be more energized and calmer and thus able to handle the other responsibilities and look after the key people in your life.

5. Look at your indicators: When your car has issues an indicator light come up. Sometimes we curse it, yet it is saving you from more expensive damage if you continue to drive it. It’s the same for our negative emotions. Instead of being so busy you don’t feel them. Embrace the future gift in them. What is it telling you about your life? What is out of sync? Heed those warnings.

Remember YOU are in control of how you want your life to be.

Strive for more.

If you need help, coaching gives you guaranteed regular time for yourself, a sounding board and an accountability partner so that you can make the changes you now KNOW you need.

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Your reaction is everything

No baby was harmed in the making of this photo
But it ruined my BIG plans.

As a parent, business owner and coach, sudden changes can happen

You can have the “perfect” plan.
You can be super excited to do the BIG most important task of the day and then….

…The universe (or wife) has a sudden “emergency” to go too and plans are scuppered

You can complain and get frustrated, letting it ruin your day
(Been guilty of that in the past)


You react to the situation and take control of what you can.

It meant:

  • Doing the best you can with what you have
  • Celebrating the small steps forward you took (with one hand feeding) rather than throwing your toys out of the pram and doing nothing
  • Being grateful for what you have in your life & as Bruce Lee would say, ‘become flexible like water’

A big part of your journey will depend on you understanding that the state of your mind and the lens you see things through plays a big part in how you feel your day went.

Choose to focus on what you have gained + what is under your control

Looking forward to delivering that work kid free.

PS: My big Strength finder corporate proposal did get done (if a little late).

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Three LIFE learnings from my 24-hour World Cup experience

The result was certainly not what I wanted (my jinx continues). The game was a yawn fest & It had cost a small fortune (sorry wife ; ) )

Yet these are my 3 gifts of learning that I took from my Qatar trip that can help you and make the trip worthwhile.

Lesson > Focus on what you can control

The game was boring yet I had no way of creating that.

My control was to create an amazing trip regardless of the result
I met great people, I saw great sights and I ticked off another bucket list experience.

Lesson > Be a positive energy force across your life and you will attract GREAT people to your life

It is not the country that defines the World Cup experience.

It is the people you choose to engage with and the energy you bring.
I brought high energy and love to everyone I met and received it back 10X, making the trip so worth it.

Learning > Understand we all have different perspectives (and agendas). Seek to understand and make your best perception

I (and thousands of fans) were disappointed with the result yet my perception of the country and the World Cup was great.

The media (especially in the UK) had painted the World Cup in a bad light. Disorganized. Corrupt. Hard to get booze.

Yet in my reality, I found it to be super organized. You could get alcohol in certain places easily and on the bright side there was not the violence and aggression of European.

It was incredible safe and friendly for families. Remember that everyone will see things differently based on their own agenda and story. It’s never right nor wrong. Its a perception

You can win (in life) even if you lose (or draw) a football game.
Every situation is full of amazing learning.

I am Adam Zargar. Founder of UAE Coaching. A coaching company that has been at the forefront of the coaching world here in Dubai
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As a company we help people personally and professionally and even have teen 1-1 programs.

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Discover my 3 year olds happiness secret

“To be happy today what has to happen?”
My son gave an unexpected answer…

I ❤️ to ask these questions.
it must be the coach in me 🤓

Every 🚗 to school is an opportunity to learn my 3 year old boys world 🌎

To dig, be curious 🤔 and connect deeply


>He did not say teacher telling him a nice comment
>Nor a sticker
>Or for other kids to play
>Not even daddy bringing him snacks after school

His actual answer was so surprising and powerfully deep.

It can be a great lesson for all of you reading.

To help you overcome your current frustration and worries.

To change how you see your world 🌎 ✨️
That is always a big part of the battle.

His answer ?

“If I am breathing ”

It knocked me for six.
My heart melted
My own worries about the future went.

The gift in life is to appreciate the wonders of every day. The present magical breath.

The breath you are taking right now is amazing and makes you already a winner.

From that state and solid foundation you can be happy now and put the energy into being more and having more.

YOU can strive for that promotion or payrise
YOU can strive for an ever better marriage or family life
YOU can strive to become more.

Thanks dear Alex for the reminder ❤️ 🙏

I love to help ambitious leaders (and talented teens) to understand their strengths and become even happier and more confident as they grow.

DM if you want more info or an initial intake

PS – As he is happy I am sure he wont need those haribo snacks after school then 😆

Lessons you must learn from my depressed dad

My dad is 88 years old and sits all day, silent and without hearing
It’s hard to think about, especially when so far from UK, yet I know it’s harder for him and my Mum.

It did not happen overnight.

Small decisions and choices were made (some unconsciously)

My dad’s focus was only on work.
Yes as a doctor and manager he helped so many.
He supported the whole family.

But he also lost sight of himself and his own needs.
The seeds were planted long before his retirement.

Before too long after retirement we had lost the dad we knew…
The spark in his eyes +
The mischievous smile has long faded.

Where once there were walks and nature, the arm chair is now his kingdom (Every day)

There is however a gift of this.
That once again my dad can help others

This time through me, my words, my coaching.

This is for you if work is fast becoming your sole focus.
If you are working every hour (taking on more responsibilities and carrying stress) & telling yourself that you are doing it for your family.

Please PAUSE for a second and listen to these advice (whilst you still have time)

  1. Surround yourself with good friends
  2. Keep exercising and moving
  3. Smile more
  4. Reconnect with nature
  5. Be grateful
  6. Be present
  7. Keep growing and helping others – have a purpose and interests outside of work

I hope this helps you and if you need anything further please DM me or reply to this email.

Discover a (legal) high performance drug that can transform you life

Over the past 14 years, as a coach and then Founder oF UAE Coaching I have helped so many people like you get to the next level in their career and feel happier in their life.

Just imagine yourself with even more confidence, energy & focus and excelling professionally and getting to a higher level of being personally

That’s what most DREAM about, but cease to ever accomplish…

…leaving you feeling sad, unmotivated and being negative

After serving so many clients,

I’ve noticed a pattern of why most leaders, Ceo’s and founders can’t consistently be on top of their game and I will share 3 of the most common forces:

Force #1. Negative thoughts and disempowering beliefs

You are focusing on and feeding on the worst ‘food’ possible. This junk food is affecting your mind, body and heart and slowly repelling your dream clients and friends from your life. If you are growing isolated it could he because of the thought and beliefs you have. The funny (not so funny) thing is you are not aware of most of them. The autopilot is screwing you.

What you actually needed is a plan to understand and then reframe your thoughts.

Force #2. Structure and Rituals

With no structure and rituals in place to build up and manage your energy and your priorities you will struggle to meet your growing responsibilities and get overwhelmed.

Just like a good business runs on systems and a set of rituals, the same goes for you.

Without systems you’re gambling on your success (and those of your families) worse than a drunken bet on a sh&t team like Man Utd to win the league.

The process of getting your emotions in check and your energy working for you is very much about automating the habits needed to excel.

No systems = having to think about too many priorities and make it up daily.

This results in you getting frustrated eventually giving up.

Force #3.

Too much focus on your problems. Not enough on solutions and opportunities

What’s the point of focusing on problem?

I look at what you are losing (and ‘gaining’ – yes you are meeting needs by being a victim) from this approach and bring you into a place of control and responsibility.

Crucial for your success.

Most leaders, founders and entrepreneurs won’t reach out. Whether its ego or fear they will talk themselves into remaining the same.

This results in a cycle of repeated frustration, feelings of failure and ends up spiraling.

Is that what you want?

  • What has it already cost you in the past?
  • What would be the cost of remaining the same have?
  • What would working on the 3 forces (and more) I describe do for you personally and professionally?

Now, if you’re facing any of these forces, I have a good news! These are completely avoidable and reversible if you just follow the right process and face some of the questions that I will ask head on. No performance enhancing drugs needed.

I’ve spent the last 14+ years dialling in a process ( C > S > B >R) that just works!

Don’t take my word for it — check out some of my successful leadership clients words. I am proud of them and many others for investing in their self and improving their lives.

Pratyush Sarup
Content Director, Architectural Digest Middle East at ITP Media Group

“Adam has been a consistent source of optimism since I met him a few years ago and in my professional life has offered clarity and guidance, with kindness and consistency. He has brilliant at both following up, and at accountability, and has continued to offer valuable guidance throughout. I believe that if someone is looking to access the next stage of their career growth, Adam is the person to help them achieve that.”


James Esau
Director – Head of Cost Management Dubai and Special Projects

“Adam has helped bring an awareness of my core strengths and how I use these to improve my professional and personal life. He is quick to understand my ambitions and has encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone to achieve these. Adam has a passionate, motivational and personal approach to coaching which I would highly recommend to anyone beginning their coaching journey.

As a high-performance coach I am passionate in coaching individuals to understand themselves better and perform at their highest level, whether it’s in their career or daily life. I will be blessed to support you in your journey. Dm or reply to this to discover how

Stop the negative spiral

Are you feeling negative about your life?

That no matter how hard you are trying things are not going your way.

You are being passed up for the promotion you have wanted.
Your relationships with loved ones and friends are not what it once was.

You have even started to notice friends have slowly started drifting and you are becoming closed off to the world.

People are starting to notice a difference.
Little comments and looks that are making you uncomfortable.

It’s even getting to the stage where you have lost interest for the things you loved.

You are saying NO to things you once loved

Exercise X
Socialising X
Learning X
Travel X

It’s even impacting your sleep and you are waking up later and later.
You know if this continues you will be a shadow of yourself.

Your life is seemingly complex, frustrating & not much fun

I am not hear to judge.
It’s no secret that it has happened to me during stages in my life.

In 2009 being sat in bed crying thinking nothing was going right during my first full time year as a coach.

In 2016 when my then wife announced she was leaving me I barely ate and isolated myself from the world.

It does not have to stay this way.

If you need support to get through this lonely, uncomfortable time I (and my team) are here for you.

I know that the hardest bit is to admit you need help. It’s such a relief when you do.

Imagine over the next 6 months coming through the other side a stronger, more confident and energised person.

What would that be worth to you?

What impact would it have on your loved ones to see, hear and feel that?

Stop pretending to be someone you’re not

Yes, you may be getting the ‘external rewards’ now

      • The car
      • The house
      • The money
      • The appreciation
      • Big groups of friends

Yet deep down despite all this ‘success’ you will be feeling uncomfortable and frustrated & left deeply unfulfilled.

How can you recognise this in you?

      • You have noticed yourself taking out your frustrations on the people who love you the most -Snapping, shouting, neglecting.
      • You are struggling to sleep or get out of bed.
      • Your moods are up and down.

Left unchecked what impact would it have on your health, and the relationships around you.

Imagine the impact of those feelings lasting for years and even decades. (Trust me it happens)

* What would it cost you in the future?

* What has similar feelings cost you in the past?

Now, close your eyes and imagine living your life on your terms.
How would it feel to be living true to yourself?  What would you see, hear?

How would it be to fully understand YOU at your core and best

    1. Aware of your values (your invisible driving force)
    2. Knowing your talent themes (the way you naturally think and behave) and were strengthening and aiming them
    3.  Understanding what human needs drives you and how to feel more fulfilled
    4.  Having learnt your perceived story and changed your limiting beliefs

Imagine the feeling of energy flowing through you, the excitement for your days and being comfortable in your own skin. What is that worth to you?

I love coaching ambitious leaders and business owners to become their best self and get the success they deserve

Your life is exactly what you have created

Your life is exactly what you have created

You may be struggling to get what you want in your personal and professional life.

Things keep on happening to you and not always what you say you want

> It happened to me with my business where I could not get past a certain number each year

> It happened with my relationships where they kept falling apart every few years

Can you relate?

What if it was YOU self sabotaging your own life?

(One belief at a time)

Over the last 14 years coaching here are a few beliefs that have come up regularly from getting my clients to be curious and me going to full detective mode : )

✓    I am not good enough
✓    Relationships are hard
✓    Leadership is hard
✓    I am an imposter
✓    Life is unfair

Can you relate?

The universe works in mysterious ways. It has a way of backing what you say up with lots of evidence.

If for example you believe you are not good enough then universe will give you events and people to highlight this about you. It could come in any number of forms.

It’s job is to highlight and back up your belief and story.

It shows you externally what you are saying about yourself internally.

Giving your more evidence to back that limiting belief up until you consciously work to change it.

When you understand and work on your conditioning
(The story you have about yourself and your limiting beliefs)
You WILL become a better owner, leader, spouse and parent.

Isn’t that what you SAY you want?

Remember I, and my team of coaches are here to support you. DM me ‘BELIEFS’ and will share you an activity that will help you.

PS –  It’s always great to learn more and to keep growing.
Have you listened to the Podcast series called Diary of a CEO?
Listen to episode 154 and let me know your thoughts

Who do you want to be?

Getting to the next level personally and professionally can feel uncomfortable.

You could be tempted to give in and revert to the tried and tested

—The same thoughts
—The same actions

Know this…

What got you where you are now is no longer enough to get you where you say you want to go

Read that again and process it (breath)

In simple terms, you have to raise your standards in order to get the results you want

A different way of thinking, different actions to challenge the status quo. Being happy to step outside the comfort zone plays a big part.

>Yes, you will feel fear

>Yes, you may feel like an imposter

>Yes, you may even find it lonely as people who are used to you in one way make comments or distance themselves from the ‘new you’

This is normal.
It is a marker that my most successful clients have gone through to get the better leadership position or to step up as an entrepreneur or to get better meaningful connections in their personal lives.

Unsure what to do first?
Ask yourself these questions

Who do you want to be?
(thanks to my long term  client Russell for that reflective question)

What standards are no longer serving me and are preventing me from being that person?

What has keeping them cost me in the past? What will it cost me in the future if I keep them

What new standard or beliefs do I need to welcome into my life?

What will honouring those (consistently) do to my life?

What obstacles and challenges must I be aware of as I embark on raising my standards?

What will I see, hear, feel when I overcome these and get the (insert – new position, better connection, feeling of fulfilment?)

Close your eyes and breath and smile at number 6. Take a mental photo. Isn’t it worth it?

Every great leader started with doubts. My clients often struggled at the start.

Check out the wonderful feelings when you will get to the next level in your journey:

You have got this.

Keep believing and keep growing. I am excited at who you will become and the impact you will make.