Three LIFE learnings from my 24-hour World Cup experience

Three LIFE learnings from my 24-hour World Cup experience

The result was certainly not what I wanted (my jinx continues). The game was a yawn fest & It had cost a small fortune (sorry wife ; ) )

Yet these are my 3 gifts of learning that I took from my Qatar trip that can help you and make the trip worthwhile.

Lesson > Focus on what you can control

The game was boring yet I had no way of creating that.

My control was to create an amazing trip regardless of the result
I met great people, I saw great sights and I ticked off another bucket list experience.

Lesson > Be a positive energy force across your life and you will attract GREAT people to your life

It is not the country that defines the World Cup experience.

It is the people you choose to engage with and the energy you bring.
I brought high energy and love to everyone I met and received it back 10X, making the trip so worth it.

Learning > Understand we all have different perspectives (and agendas). Seek to understand and make your best perception

I (and thousands of fans) were disappointed with the result yet my perception of the country and the World Cup was great.

The media (especially in the UK) had painted the World Cup in a bad light. Disorganized. Corrupt. Hard to get booze.

Yet in my reality, I found it to be super organized. You could get alcohol in certain places easily and on the bright side there was not the violence and aggression of European.

It was incredible safe and friendly for families. Remember that everyone will see things differently based on their own agenda and story. It’s never right nor wrong. Its a perception

You can win (in life) even if you lose (or draw) a football game.
Every situation is full of amazing learning.

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