Discover a (legal) high performance drug that can transform you life

Discover a (legal) high performance drug that can transform you life

Over the past 14 years, as a coach and then Founder oF UAE Coaching I have helped so many people like you get to the next level in their career and feel happier in their life.

Just imagine yourself with even more confidence, energy & focus and excelling professionally and getting to a higher level of being personally

That’s what most DREAM about, but cease to ever accomplish…

…leaving you feeling sad, unmotivated and being negative

After serving so many clients,

I’ve noticed a pattern of why most leaders, Ceo’s and founders can’t consistently be on top of their game and I will share 3 of the most common forces:

Force #1. Negative thoughts and disempowering beliefs

You are focusing on and feeding on the worst ‘food’ possible. This junk food is affecting your mind, body and heart and slowly repelling your dream clients and friends from your life. If you are growing isolated it could he because of the thought and beliefs you have. The funny (not so funny) thing is you are not aware of most of them. The autopilot is screwing you.

What you actually needed is a plan to understand and then reframe your thoughts.

Force #2. Structure and Rituals

With no structure and rituals in place to build up and manage your energy and your priorities you will struggle to meet your growing responsibilities and get overwhelmed.

Just like a good business runs on systems and a set of rituals, the same goes for you.

Without systems you’re gambling on your success (and those of your families) worse than a drunken bet on a sh&t team like Man Utd to win the league.

The process of getting your emotions in check and your energy working for you is very much about automating the habits needed to excel.

No systems = having to think about too many priorities and make it up daily.

This results in you getting frustrated eventually giving up.

Force #3.

Too much focus on your problems. Not enough on solutions and opportunities

What’s the point of focusing on problem?

I look at what you are losing (and ‘gaining’ – yes you are meeting needs by being a victim) from this approach and bring you into a place of control and responsibility.

Crucial for your success.

Most leaders, founders and entrepreneurs won’t reach out. Whether its ego or fear they will talk themselves into remaining the same.

This results in a cycle of repeated frustration, feelings of failure and ends up spiraling.

Is that what you want?

  • What has it already cost you in the past?
  • What would be the cost of remaining the same have?
  • What would working on the 3 forces (and more) I describe do for you personally and professionally?

Now, if you’re facing any of these forces, I have a good news! These are completely avoidable and reversible if you just follow the right process and face some of the questions that I will ask head on. No performance enhancing drugs needed.

I’ve spent the last 14+ years dialling in a process ( C > S > B >R) that just works!

Don’t take my word for it — check out some of my successful leadership clients words. I am proud of them and many others for investing in their self and improving their lives.

Pratyush Sarup
Content Director, Architectural Digest Middle East at ITP Media Group

“Adam has been a consistent source of optimism since I met him a few years ago and in my professional life has offered clarity and guidance, with kindness and consistency. He has brilliant at both following up, and at accountability, and has continued to offer valuable guidance throughout. I believe that if someone is looking to access the next stage of their career growth, Adam is the person to help them achieve that.”


James Esau
Director – Head of Cost Management Dubai and Special Projects

“Adam has helped bring an awareness of my core strengths and how I use these to improve my professional and personal life. He is quick to understand my ambitions and has encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone to achieve these. Adam has a passionate, motivational and personal approach to coaching which I would highly recommend to anyone beginning their coaching journey.

As a high-performance coach I am passionate in coaching individuals to understand themselves better and perform at their highest level, whether it’s in their career or daily life. I will be blessed to support you in your journey. Dm or reply to this to discover how

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