• Leadership coaching is what UAE Coaching is recognised for. Our team of highly qualified NLP life coaches have helped executives and leaders understand their strengths and grow.
  • We nurture strong relationships with our leadership clients built on trust, great support and the highest level of service. Our support goes long after their journey with us ends.
  • Our coaches’ passion for helping executives and leaders to develop professionally and grow is at the center of everything. Their past degrees, vast experience and expertise sets them apart as leaders in the field of NLP and life coaching.
  • We use a variety of NLP tools, deep questioning and strength based tools to help leaders understand themselves and deliver more success.
  • With our founder, Adam Zargar, having had coaching success since 2008 you are in the right hands.


  • Leadership coaching helps you understand your unique strengths. Only then can you be your best version of a leader.
  • We help you too clarify where you are now in your career and where you would truly like to be in order to be at the standard you want. The coaching process is the bridge in between.
  • It is an enriching journey geared towards helping you understand and improve the way you think, feel and behave at work.
  • A service designed to be all about you and getting you to discover your wonderful strengths, qualities and resources and how to utilise them more consistently.
  • A way of helping you manage stress in your professional and personal life and find the right balance.
  • A safe, caring, supportive and confidential environment where you can open up, be listened to and be mentored by someone other than your colleague or boss.
  • A personalised service where you will discover questions, coaching tools and tests to help you grow.
  • A way to have someone to hold you accountable for setting and exceeding your goals.
  • A highly sought after and media acclaimed executive and leadership coaching service.
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Did you answer YES to any of the following questions? If so  professional coaching with one of our expert executive and leadership coaches will really benefit your career:

  • Are you unhappy with an aspect of you professional life and need support?
  • Do you feel like you are in your comfort zone at work and need a challenge?
  • Do you feel that you are struggling to get the promotion you deserve or finding it hard to lead your new team?
  • Do you worry about taking team meetings or having to do presentations?
  • Do you want to get an insight into your emotional intelligence, or understand what career you would be best suited to work in?
  • Are you wanting help managing your stress levels as you grow and achieve even more success?
  • Are you happy with your professional life but want to learn more tools and gain more knowledge to ensure it stays that way?
  • Do you want to connect with someone in a confidential manner?
  • Do you want to prioritise and invest in leadership coaching to grow further in a less stressful manner?
  • Do you love to invest in yourself in order to be a better leader ?
  • Want to grow as a leader, spouse and parent in order to keep the balance as you grow?




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  • Samer Dinnawi

    Working with my coach has been an enlightening journey of growth, change and positivity. His technique and dedication have allowed me to challenge my norms and see everything in a new light – all very unexpected yet extremely rewarding and uplifting across all levels, be it personal or professional.

  • Kathryn Horsley

    I started working with my coach because I had so many ideas but not the tools and clarity to cultivate razor focus. My coach has provided me with invaluable support to build my own sustainable business. I would recommend UAE Coaching to anyone who is serious about his or her professional growth and likes an enthusiastic and effective service.

  • Wajd Al Hashmi

    The coaching journey was definitely tough and I was guided through the fog of my own creation. I believe that the coaching was very well structured and timed to fit my need in advancing throughout the coaching. I have developed more confidence, identified my weaknesses and amplified my strength through the process.

  • Lucy Casey

    As a leader sometimes you feel isolated. Having the regular ME time and a non-judging sounding board for my ideas and thoughts has helped me become a more focused and calm leader. I have seen my confidence to manage myself, and my team, improve massively through the journey and my coach has been a big factor in me being promoted twice and achieving my initial goals.

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