Team building to transform organisations in UAE

Imagine coming into your organisation after a few days off and everything was running smoothly. The employees you had left to lead has followed the process well and the framework and structure that had been carefully laid down had worked well. You come in and feel the positive energy, you hear the sounds of laughter and enjoyment. Is that your team presently?

Teamwork and the ability to build good relationships are essential for the success of any company. A team will only succeed when people have the right foundation, structure and trust to do their job creatively.

Professional teams need to build relationships with one another that centre on more than shared responsibilities. During the hectic day to day work cycle and particularly with ever expanding teams this can be hard to create organically.It is essential to use regular team building days to build  trust, respect, communication, fun and for everyone to have a release.

We have experience working with brand new teams and well-established ones. Each has their particular strengths and challenges. We personalise team building activities and experiences to the unique needs of your given group and to a particular purpose. Our events have themes but not limited to the following:

  • The Apprentice Experience
  • The Roman Day
  • Pirates and Treasure

Our teambuilding events help employees to communicate, peer and self evaluate, share responsibilities and most importantly engage and laugh together. It is always our aim for an organisation to be revitalised and empowered after our event.

Let’s look at an example team building event:

Mr Lee runs a series of tutoring schools in Dubai called and employs 25 people who have responsibility for various tasks across six schools.

Some deal with the actual teaching, others’ manage his business and its premises in roles like admin and management and of course there is Mr Lee himself who is having trouble letting go of some of his responsibilities and under great stress due to the short term expansion.

Collectively, those people make it possible for Mr Lee to provide a good service to his clients and the majority of the parents are happy, but on a general day-to-day basis, the skilled individuals in each of his departments sometimes seem demotivated, not as hard working as Mr Lee expects and as a result there is a high turnover of staff. He fears that this is hampering the development of his business and holding some of his employees back from showing their true worth.

Team building activities have a wonderful habit of changing the status quo.  In the above example, Mr Lee’s employees could all benefit from getting away from their day to day responsibilities and pressure in order to participate in some fun, challenging and competitive team building activities.  Being in a different environment forces everyone to focus on the challenge being set out before them, without becoming distracted or frustrated about the everyday work environment and pressures.

Furthermore, the team building challenges and setup are always designed to take everyone out of their comfort zone and disrupt the normal cliques. This is a fantastic way to throw any pre conceived notion of who is and isn’t approachable, who is and isn’t in charge and what each individual is and isn’t capable of, to break down some of those barriers and stereotypes and open new channels of communication. For Mr Lee it is also a good way for him to see the leadership styles his employees have.

A likely outcome in this scenario is that Mr Lee employees will converse, laugh and problem solve with people they may never before have worked alongside and also highlight to all staff where they are on the PSIU leadership scale (Producer, Stabiliser, innovator or Unifier***see leadership style blog).

When they return to the office it will be with renewed energy, a better understanding of how and where they fit within the organisation and more confidence to communicate with colleagues.  This will immediately improve the working environment for all of Mr Lee’s personnel and, with strategic guidance, equip them all with the tools they need to build the professional relationships necessary to drive his growing organisation forward.

Read below for a recent testimonial:

‘The UAE team building team did an excellent job at leading the activities and engaging our team members for our teambuilding day, and keeping things flowing smoothly.

It was interesting to watch our team members interact with each other in an unfamiliar setting, teamwork with those they don’t normally work with on a daily basis, and have fun together. It certainly brought out the dynamics of our team and showcased the different personalities, characters, and talent we have and was a good bonding experience.

Thanks for doing a great job and a hugely enjoyable day. We look forward to working with you again in the future.’

Marianne (HR Industry, USA National)