Your life is exactly what you have created

Your life is exactly what you have created

You may be struggling to get what you want in your personal and professional life.

Things keep on happening to you and not always what you say you want

> It happened to me with my business where I could not get past a certain number each year

> It happened with my relationships where they kept falling apart every few years

Can you relate?

What if it was YOU self sabotaging your own life?

(One belief at a time)

Over the last 14 years coaching here are a few beliefs that have come up regularly from getting my clients to be curious and me going to full detective mode : )

✓    I am not good enough
✓    Relationships are hard
✓    Leadership is hard
✓    I am an imposter
✓    Life is unfair

Can you relate?

The universe works in mysterious ways. It has a way of backing what you say up with lots of evidence.

If for example you believe you are not good enough then universe will give you events and people to highlight this about you. It could come in any number of forms.

It’s job is to highlight and back up your belief and story.

It shows you externally what you are saying about yourself internally.

Giving your more evidence to back that limiting belief up until you consciously work to change it.

When you understand and work on your conditioning
(The story you have about yourself and your limiting beliefs)
You WILL become a better owner, leader, spouse and parent.

Isn’t that what you SAY you want?

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PS –  It’s always great to learn more and to keep growing.
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