Lessons you must learn from my depressed dad

My dad is 88 years old and sits all day, silent and without hearing
It’s hard to think about, especially when so far from UK, yet I know it’s harder for him and my Mum.

It did not happen overnight.

Small decisions and choices were made (some unconsciously)

My dad’s focus was only on work.
Yes as a doctor and manager he helped so many.
He supported the whole family.

But he also lost sight of himself and his own needs.
The seeds were planted long before his retirement.

Before too long after retirement we had lost the dad we knew…
The spark in his eyes +
The mischievous smile has long faded.

Where once there were walks and nature, the arm chair is now his kingdom (Every day)

There is however a gift of this.
That once again my dad can help others

This time through me, my words, my coaching.

This is for you if work is fast becoming your sole focus.
If you are working every hour (taking on more responsibilities and carrying stress) & telling yourself that you are doing it for your family.

Please PAUSE for a second and listen to these advice (whilst you still have time)

  1. Surround yourself with good friends
  2. Keep exercising and moving
  3. Smile more
  4. Reconnect with nature
  5. Be grateful
  6. Be present
  7. Keep growing and helping others – have a purpose and interests outside of work

I hope this helps you and if you need anything further please DM me or reply to this email.

Stop the negative spiral

Are you feeling negative about your life?

That no matter how hard you are trying things are not going your way.

You are being passed up for the promotion you have wanted.
Your relationships with loved ones and friends are not what it once was.

You have even started to notice friends have slowly started drifting and you are becoming closed off to the world.

People are starting to notice a difference.
Little comments and looks that are making you uncomfortable.

It’s even getting to the stage where you have lost interest for the things you loved.

You are saying NO to things you once loved

Exercise X
Socialising X
Learning X
Travel X

It’s even impacting your sleep and you are waking up later and later.
You know if this continues you will be a shadow of yourself.

Your life is seemingly complex, frustrating & not much fun

I am not hear to judge.
It’s no secret that it has happened to me during stages in my life.

In 2009 being sat in bed crying thinking nothing was going right during my first full time year as a coach.

In 2016 when my then wife announced she was leaving me I barely ate and isolated myself from the world.

It does not have to stay this way.

If you need support to get through this lonely, uncomfortable time I (and my team) are here for you.

I know that the hardest bit is to admit you need help. It’s such a relief when you do.

Imagine over the next 6 months coming through the other side a stronger, more confident and energised person.

What would that be worth to you?

What impact would it have on your loved ones to see, hear and feel that?

Stop pretending to be someone you’re not

Yes, you may be getting the ‘external rewards’ now

      • The car
      • The house
      • The money
      • The appreciation
      • Big groups of friends

Yet deep down despite all this ‘success’ you will be feeling uncomfortable and frustrated & left deeply unfulfilled.

How can you recognise this in you?

      • You have noticed yourself taking out your frustrations on the people who love you the most -Snapping, shouting, neglecting.
      • You are struggling to sleep or get out of bed.
      • Your moods are up and down.

Left unchecked what impact would it have on your health, and the relationships around you.

Imagine the impact of those feelings lasting for years and even decades. (Trust me it happens)

* What would it cost you in the future?

* What has similar feelings cost you in the past?

Now, close your eyes and imagine living your life on your terms.
How would it feel to be living true to yourself?  What would you see, hear?

How would it be to fully understand YOU at your core and best

    1. Aware of your values (your invisible driving force)
    2. Knowing your talent themes (the way you naturally think and behave) and were strengthening and aiming them
    3.  Understanding what human needs drives you and how to feel more fulfilled
    4.  Having learnt your perceived story and changed your limiting beliefs

Imagine the feeling of energy flowing through you, the excitement for your days and being comfortable in your own skin. What is that worth to you?

I love coaching ambitious leaders and business owners to become their best self and get the success they deserve


Have you ever listened to your inner dialogue and doubted whether it had your best interests at heart?

Is it supporting you towards being your best version of you or hindering you?

If it is telling you to stay in the same place as you are now, to say no to opportunities or things that make you uncomfortable then chances are it has not had your best interests at heart. However, as its been your best friend for so long shouldn’t you keep listening to it ?

A devilish dilemma, right? Quite simply though let’s look at it logically. If it is really your friend it would be happy to see you evolve, grow and experience new things. I bet more often than not, like me, when you have challenged yourself and stepped outside your comfort zone good things have happened as a result.

Travelling the world as a shy teen…. Moving to Dubai not knowing anyone…Leaving teaching in 2008 to start coaching with no clients or salary…Saying yes to live TV…Embarking on my masters in NLP and Life Coaching and certifications in Gallup Strengths…Starting my own coaching company. What are some of yours?

I help my clients live outside their comfort zone and get comfortable being uncomfortable and that’s why they are so successful. The slight discomfort prepared them to grow and raise their standards so that they can become an even better person, spouse, parents or leader. Imagine that same thing happening to you… Beautiful vision, right?

Ask yourself what is more scarier….? Trying to stay the same and ending up a lesser version of yourself now or growing towards your true potential.

If it’s the later then what challenge (opportunity )is your inner dialogue telling you not to do this week? How would you grow from not listening and doing it anyways?