Stop pretending to be someone you’re not

Stop pretending to be someone you’re not

Yes, you may be getting the ‘external rewards’ now

      • The car
      • The house
      • The money
      • The appreciation
      • Big groups of friends

Yet deep down despite all this ‘success’ you will be feeling uncomfortable and frustrated & left deeply unfulfilled.

How can you recognise this in you?

      • You have noticed yourself taking out your frustrations on the people who love you the most -Snapping, shouting, neglecting.
      • You are struggling to sleep or get out of bed.
      • Your moods are up and down.

Left unchecked what impact would it have on your health, and the relationships around you.

Imagine the impact of those feelings lasting for years and even decades. (Trust me it happens)

* What would it cost you in the future?

* What has similar feelings cost you in the past?

Now, close your eyes and imagine living your life on your terms.
How would it feel to be living true to yourself?  What would you see, hear?

How would it be to fully understand YOU at your core and best

    1. Aware of your values (your invisible driving force)
    2. Knowing your talent themes (the way you naturally think and behave) and were strengthening and aiming them
    3.  Understanding what human needs drives you and how to feel more fulfilled
    4.  Having learnt your perceived story and changed your limiting beliefs

Imagine the feeling of energy flowing through you, the excitement for your days and being comfortable in your own skin. What is that worth to you?

I love coaching ambitious leaders and business owners to become their best self and get the success they deserve

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