Stop the negative spiral

Stop the negative spiral

Are you feeling negative about your life?

That no matter how hard you are trying things are not going your way.

You are being passed up for the promotion you have wanted.
Your relationships with loved ones and friends are not what it once was.

You have even started to notice friends have slowly started drifting and you are becoming closed off to the world.

People are starting to notice a difference.
Little comments and looks that are making you uncomfortable.

It’s even getting to the stage where you have lost interest for the things you loved.

You are saying NO to things you once loved

Exercise X
Socialising X
Learning X
Travel X

It’s even impacting your sleep and you are waking up later and later.
You know if this continues you will be a shadow of yourself.

Your life is seemingly complex, frustrating & not much fun

I am not hear to judge.
It’s no secret that it has happened to me during stages in my life.

In 2009 being sat in bed crying thinking nothing was going right during my first full time year as a coach.

In 2016 when my then wife announced she was leaving me I barely ate and isolated myself from the world.

It does not have to stay this way.

If you need support to get through this lonely, uncomfortable time I (and my team) are here for you.

I know that the hardest bit is to admit you need help. It’s such a relief when you do.

Imagine over the next 6 months coming through the other side a stronger, more confident and energised person.

What would that be worth to you?

What impact would it have on your loved ones to see, hear and feel that?

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