If you don’t read these 5 tips you are clearly ‘INSANE’

If you don’t read these 5 tips you are clearly ‘INSANE’


Do you feel satisfied currently in your career?

Or in your life?

It is important to take some time to reflect on the above.

Too often you can be running on autopilot.

Rushing around from one thing or person to another.

Your job.

Your partner.

Your kids.

Your emails or phone.

Before long each day becomes a sort of Groundhog Day.

Each day repeating and each week whizzing by.

A week, month and even a year passes and you have not stopped to think let alone feel.

And when you do, you realise you have lost yourself.

You have stopped looking after yourself.

Health, sleep and energy has started to suffer.

It’s starting to have a knock-on effect on your relationship with the people around you.

It does not have to be that way.

It’s YOUR choice. Remember what Einstein said:

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

Here are some 5 steps you can take to get out of the ‘asylum:’

1. Define your ideal day: Take time to plan out what your ideal days looks like. Put as much details as you can. Use your senses. How close is it to where you are now? What is one small step you can do to close the gap?

2.You at your best: Look at each role in your life (example: director, father, son) and write down the qualities you would be showing for each role. How close to is it to where you are now? What is one small step you will do towards being your best in each role?

3. Pause to reflect: The time you give yourself to just pause and reflect are the key to you moving in the right direction. If you were lost driving, you would pullover and look at your map navigation before setting off again. Often when you are not being busy your best ideas come.

4. Prioritise you: You are the most important person in your life. Sounds selfish right? Well actually not. If you put a few activities for yourself each week you will be more energized and calmer and thus able to handle the other responsibilities and look after the key people in your life.

5. Look at your indicators: When your car has issues an indicator light come up. Sometimes we curse it, yet it is saving you from more expensive damage if you continue to drive it. It’s the same for our negative emotions. Instead of being so busy you don’t feel them. Embrace the future gift in them. What is it telling you about your life? What is out of sync? Heed those warnings.

Remember YOU are in control of how you want your life to be.

Strive for more.

If you need help, coaching gives you guaranteed regular time for yourself, a sounding board and an accountability partner so that you can make the changes you now KNOW you need.

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