Who do you want to be?

Who do you want to be?

Getting to the next level personally and professionally can feel uncomfortable.

You could be tempted to give in and revert to the tried and tested

—The same thoughts
—The same actions

Know this…

What got you where you are now is no longer enough to get you where you say you want to go

Read that again and process it (breath)

In simple terms, you have to raise your standards in order to get the results you want

A different way of thinking, different actions to challenge the status quo. Being happy to step outside the comfort zone plays a big part.

>Yes, you will feel fear

>Yes, you may feel like an imposter

>Yes, you may even find it lonely as people who are used to you in one way make comments or distance themselves from the ‘new you’

This is normal.
It is a marker that my most successful clients have gone through to get the better leadership position or to step up as an entrepreneur or to get better meaningful connections in their personal lives.

Unsure what to do first?
Ask yourself these questions

Who do you want to be?
(thanks to my long term  client Russell for that reflective question)

What standards are no longer serving me and are preventing me from being that person?

What has keeping them cost me in the past? What will it cost me in the future if I keep them

What new standard or beliefs do I need to welcome into my life?

What will honouring those (consistently) do to my life?

What obstacles and challenges must I be aware of as I embark on raising my standards?

What will I see, hear, feel when I overcome these and get the (insert – new position, better connection, feeling of fulfilment?)

Close your eyes and breath and smile at number 6. Take a mental photo. Isn’t it worth it?

Every great leader started with doubts. My clients often struggled at the start.

Check out the wonderful feelings when you will get to the next level in your journey:

You have got this.

Keep believing and keep growing. I am excited at who you will become and the impact you will make.


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