Your reaction is everything

Your reaction is everything

No baby was harmed in the making of this photo
But it ruined my BIG plans.

As a parent, business owner and coach, sudden changes can happen

You can have the “perfect” plan.
You can be super excited to do the BIG most important task of the day and then….

…The universe (or wife) has a sudden “emergency” to go too and plans are scuppered

You can complain and get frustrated, letting it ruin your day
(Been guilty of that in the past)


You react to the situation and take control of what you can.

It meant:

  • Doing the best you can with what you have
  • Celebrating the small steps forward you took (with one hand feeding) rather than throwing your toys out of the pram and doing nothing
  • Being grateful for what you have in your life & as Bruce Lee would say, ‘become flexible like water’

A big part of your journey will depend on you understanding that the state of your mind and the lens you see things through plays a big part in how you feel your day went.

Choose to focus on what you have gained + what is under your control

Looking forward to delivering that work kid free.

PS: My big Strength finder corporate proposal did get done (if a little late).

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