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UAE Coaching is the leading NLP life coaching organisation in the region offering child, personal and professional coaching sessions via Zoom. Its success is based on the strong relationships and community it nurtures, the quality of service and ongoing support,  and the passion you feel throughout the journey…

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Are you looking for an expert, with the qualifications, the experience and the passion? Led by media acclaimed Personal and Leadership Coach, Adam Zargar, we have your needs covered…

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With Covid-19 you can see change as a challenge and a problem or as an opportunity to grow.  Discover what our mission and vision is and how we can help you get grow and feel fulfilled…

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We are always on the look out for highly qualified, experienced, passionate coaches to join our associate team. If you have the desire to deliver value and to help people change then click here….

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Check out the range of expert coaching services we have to support you and the people you care about…

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Adam Zargar, our leading coach and founder has been coaching globally since 2008. Since establishing UAE Coaching in 2014 he and his team of expert associates have helped 1000s of people understand themselves better, grow in confidence and become the best personal and professional leader. Discover what a few of them say…


From the initial strategy and relationship intake to the follow up notes you will notice the difference in our approach that sets us apart.  We all have coaches, love coaching and know what you would like to hear, see and feel…

We are relationship focused

We work hard

We provide solid support

We use effective tools

We offer personalised services