Imagine having a parent mentor who can help take the pressure off you by listening objectively to you and your families needs, who helps you form a vision, structure and set of consequences and rewards for the whole home…

…then seeing smiling family members, hearing calm and caring voices, and being part of a household that enjoys interacting and playing together.

If you want the best for you and your family then UAE Coaching offers personalised parent development life coaching programs.


If you answer YES to any of the following questions about your family life then parent development coaching with one of our expert coaches will really benefit you and add great value to you home life:

  • Do you feel you and your children are no longer as close as you want?
  • Do you feel that you are unable to understand or handle your emotions or that of your children?
  • Do you get angry at home with your spouse or children and struggle to manage it?
  • Do you suffer from low confidence in your parenting?
  • Have you noticed that your children do not respond to your parenting style?
  • Do you think your parenting could benefit from being more structured and consistent?
  • Is there a lack of communication and time spent together as a family?
  • Are your children’s actions and behaviour affecting the rest of your house?
  • Do you want to speak to someone outside of the rest of the family who is trained to listen, support and not offer judgment?
  • Is you family life happy and successful and you want to learn more tools and strategies to make it even better?


Parent development life coaching is an exciting blend of Psychology, Education and NLP life coaching methods.

Our experienced team of coaches recognise that every parent and family is different, with unique strengths, thought patterns and beliefs, dynamics and personalities so we create programs accordingly.

Parent development coaching is about helping you celebrate the good things you do as a parent and recognise the improvements you can do to make your relationship with your spouse and children even better. No-one was ever given a manual on what makes a good parent so we are here to support you on a journey of discovery that will result in a happier and better functioning family home.

By helping you to become more structured, balanced and consistent in your approach you will soon notice that you will enjoy greater, more meaningful interactions with everyone in the home.

Companies have a vision and a plan of where they want their company to grow so they can earn more money. It is time you created a plan and strategy for how you want to spend time together and give yourself the best chance to live a happy home life in the present and to make sure you continue to grow stronger, deeper bonds with your partner and children.


Our main aim from the very beginning of the coaching journey is to put you at ease and know that there is no judgment from our side. We do this through our initial relationship building and strategy session.

The fact that you trust us to develop your family is something we are humbled by and that is why we are so passionate about creating a comfortable environment where you feel comfortable and can succeed. With this in mind our coaches come to sessions informally dressed and the sessions are held in a relaxed informal setting. Sessions are strictly private with the coach and one or both of you parents.

For parent development life coaching to be successful we need time and a good fit between the coach and you. Before we ask for a long term coaching commitment we arrange a one off relationship and strategy session.  This is typically 50-60 minutes, where we ask you a series of family questions, almost like an audit. Most couple find this process therapeutic. By the end of this session you will know how the coaching process works and can make an informed decision about whether you want to commit to a coaching journey.

Process Summary:

  • Initial 50-60 minute strategy and relationship consultation with one or both parents in an informal relaxed setting
  • Notes sent to you within 48 working hours.
  • Personalised family success plan and quote sent within 72 hours.
  • Once all parties are happy to continue we ask for a commitment to a coaching journey, which includes
  • Ten to twelve bi weekly sessions of personalised one to one parent development life coaching spread over a five or month period
  • Summary of notes from each session including strategies and tools and key learning emailed within 48 working hours.
  • Agreed action steps to be done between sessions
  • Regular text, email and phone support to you between sessions with book recommendations, strategies and articles to aid development.
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Watch this video to understand how our family coaching service has helped many children and parents develop and grow, bringing families closer together.


  • Lisa

    The difference in our family life has been massive since we started parent development coaching. Our kids are calmer because we are. We model how to respond to each other now as a couple which has had a good effect on how our son and daughter now treat each other.

  • John

    I have run a successful business for over two decades and have the structure, consistency and vision for that. The coaching helped me see that the same things needed to be applied at home and this has really helped me as a dad and husband. Thanks so much for the tools, strategies and ongoing support.

  • Linda

    I was apprehensive seek help at first but it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. My family life has completely turned around and I am so grateful for the coaching support.

  • Malcolm

    Super service and well worth the investment. Our children are with a nanny that is now better equipped to handle the day to day care of our children whilst we are away thus taking the pressure off us.

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