Mental Health – The power is through the talk and awareness

Mental Health – The power is through the talk and awareness

May is annually recognized as a month to raise global awareness about mental health disorders. With all the Covid-19 restrictions, this year has taken on greater significance due to the impact the pandemic continues to have on individuals and companies alike. It has taken on even more prominence with Prince Harry talking through his experience of therapy and coaching.

It is my hope as a coach since 2008/9 that this month’s awareness becomes the norm. That people can freely open up and it is seen less of a problem and rather that of an opportunity for us ALL to develop and grow. There are too many people suffering in silence for fear of bothering someone or being perceived as week. My clients have often spoken out about their journey and by being open have helped others seek a development journey. It’s a stigma that can be reduced one conversation at a time.

As my gift to you I have compiled a list of 10 ways to improve your mental health. Feel free to share with people you may think could benefit.

    1. Get plenty of sleep – Sleep is really important for our physical and mental health, leaving us refreshed and ready to start the day well. Aim for 8 hours
    2. Eat healthy, balanced and well – Energy management is so important
    3. Avoid alcohol and smoking – People perceive them to be stress releasors yet in reality they numb emotional pain preventing people getting to the root cause
    4. Get plenty of sunlight – Sunlight gives us energy and the vitamins needed to feel good
    5. Manage stress – Regular journaling, exercise, gratitude expressions and meditation is a great way to feel better relaxed and calm
    6. Activity and exercise – Exercise releases endorphins that will give you a natural high and leave you energized as well as looking and feeling better
    7. Do something you enjoy – Life is short enough so make the most of it by working in something you really are passionate about and/or spending your down time doing things you love
    8. Connect with others and be more sociable – Relationships are so important to how we feel. With the disconnect through Covid many of you will not have seen family and friends as much so connect on Zoom or if restrictions allow spend quality time with people that give you energy and strengthen those key relationships.
    9. Contribute to others – Coming from a lens of love by helping those less fortunate or simply giving your time and energy to others will leave you feeling good about your life and fill you with energy
    10. Speak to a coach or a trained professional about any issues you may be feeling or simply to go on a growth journeys – Yes, it is great to chat to friends, and yet a trained professional is confidential, has not judgement or vested interest and is an expert to connect you to your best self.

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Create a lifetime of passion and peace,

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