Two Professional Coaching strategies that will bring you greater productivity at work

Two Professional Coaching strategies that will bring you greater productivity at work

Reading and then following the simple professional coaching action steps in this post will make you more productive, earn greater rewards and leave you feeling more fulfilled at work. The beauty of this is you get all this reward for FREE! It is time to simplify your life and put a little structure in place to give you the best chance of success.

1. Scheduling Email Times:

Obsessed and addicted. These are the best two words that I can find to best describe someone who checks their work emails constantly every day and first thing in the morning. Like any addiction it gives you the short-term fix to the craving but can leave you with a massive downer for the rest of your day that will affect your productivity and quality of your work life balance.

Your morning is the time when you have the most energy and are at your most creative and it is a time where you have a fresh page full of opportunity there for the taking. Every time you are checking emails your mind will race and you will lose focus on what is really important.

• Focus on doing the most important task for the working day before you check your email.
• Schedule 2-3 focused periods a day where you can check and respond to emails and make sure everyone affected knows when this is.
• Add an auto responder to your incoming emails so that a reply goes out telling the client or colleague when you will be looking and responding to the emails and that if it is very urgent they can call you. This managing of expectation takes time to get right but is important to your future success.
• Change your setting on your phone or email so that emails only come through at set periods so that you are not distracted or tempted to look when the ‘beep’ comes through.

2. Enjoying Healthy Lunch and Relationships:

Skipping, rushing lunch or eating alone regularly will have a massive impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing at work as well as massively impact your ability to be productive.

Lunch breaks are designed to give you the time to rest and refuel your mind and body. They are also there so that you get the opportunity to interact and improve your relationships with your colleagues or employees at work. Numerous studies have shown that your productivity and wellness is directly linked to how strong your relationships are so it is so important you schedule an appropriate amount of time to have focused and engaging lunch breaks.

• Schedule in a lunch break as a non-negotiable ritual for your day.
• Arrange to have the lunch break with different colleagues each day or week so that you can explore new relationships and enhance existing ones.
• Leave you phone on your desk or turn them on silent. Be in the moment, be fully engaged and focused on the person you are with and the good food in front of you and see how you much better you feel after a week.
• Eat light and healthy food that will give you the energy to be focused and productive into the pm.

If you are reading this email first thing in the morning, firstly congratulations on not checking your emails, secondly I hope you now realise you should be in the middle of your most important task of your working day.

Please click here to see how some of our professional coaching clients have benefitted in both productivity and fulfillment from regular coaching sessions with our friendly and knowledgeable UAE Coaching team. When you simplify your working life, place a structure around consistent rituals and priorities, your life will be even more successful than it is today. Try these two strategies this consistently this month and let us know how your working week went.

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