Five rituals that will bring you an energy explosion!

Five rituals that will bring you an energy explosion!

I never thought I would be one of the converts to the cult that is the 5am club but the explosive energy and drive I have got from it has improved all the areas of my life.Reading and then following the simple personal coaching rituals in this post will allow you to also have high levels of energy and get you waking early, enjoying life, help you get through adversity and stay positive.

1. Have clarity and plan:

Clarity precedes success! Great goals bring great energy and focus into your life.
The secret of passion is purpose. When you know what the purpose of the things you are doing is you will be more excited to do them.

• Write 2-4 paragraphs that will summarise what kind of husband, parent, leader, person that you want to be. This personal philosophy will shape your goals and behavior every week.
• Write down goals for the next 10 years using our Goal Setting techniques.
• Create a weekly balanced blueprint around your life priorities e.g ME time, business development, work, family time, relationship time, health and fitness, and hobbies. Devote 2 hours on your last weekend day to plan the coming week.
• Write down something specific and measurable that you will plan to do the next day for the five most important things in your life (CANEI tool),

2. Get up early and do inner work:

The most successful people past and present wake up at 5am. From Ghandi, Mother Therese and Bill Gates to most top CEOs in the world the 5am start lets them have the greatest head start to their day. While most people are giving their life to the bed, these people are embracing every waking moment to work on their purpose and starting their day working on their innerself.

• Go to bed at 10-11pm latest in order to get the 7 hours sleep you need.
• Have your last main meal at 7pm so that your stomach is light and you can sleep early
• Wake up at 5am-6am every day. You will find it hard to start but give it 30 days and you will be filled with more energy than you can believe and get so much more into your day.
• In the first hour that you wake leave your phone and email aside and do something that is your priority. If its work do the biggest priority task. Preferably it will be on your inner self; it could be fitness, yoga, reflection, self- help books or simply a nice walk.

3. Do consistent exercise and eat an elite performance diet:

If you knew you were heading on a long journey you would make sure your car was regularly serviced and the right amount of fuel was be put in to ensure you could get to where you want to go. The same applies to your own body, the human vehicle that is going to take you onwards to great places.

• Do cardio every day for at least 40 minutes. My preference is a treadmill walk on incline of 15 and speed 5-6. Its gets the heart into fat burning zone and when I combine this to listening to my MP3 audio books it makes this an inspiring and fruitful ritual.
• Stretch at least 15 minutes daily so that your muscles are ready for the weight training they will be going through.
• Do weights at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes
• Each 5-6 small meals a day every 2-3 hours and try to stick to live foods (vegetables) and for protein white fish or chicken.

4. Personal regeneration and renewal:

Sometimes you have to be selfish to be selfless so it is so important to spend time looking after yourself on a regular basis and make this one of your most important life coaching rituals In the long term this will not only benefit yourself but also your spouse, your children and your employees. When you are on a plane what do the stewardesses tell you to do in an emergency? They tell you to put your oxygen mask on before you put it on your children. Why? If you do not look after yourself you will be no good to others.

• Take a day off every month outside of the weekend.
• Book yourself a spa session, go to the cinema in the afternoon, sit by the pool or play golf. Whatever you love and what relaxes you then do this at a time of the day that you normally would not. It will act as a treat and refresh you for another period of hard focused work
• Go on holiday or take weekends away regularly. A car needs regular services to run at the optimum level and we are no different.

5. Have adventure and fun in your life:

A life with adventure and fun is a great life. Remember when you were a child…. What did you want to do? That’s right play, play and PLAY! Somewhere along our life and as we have gotten older we have forgotten how to have fun in everyday life and have become bogged down with responsibilities. No matter what stage of life an dhow many responsibilities if you make to have fun you will be more happy within yourself and with others. Say yes to fun and adventure as part of your consistent rituals.

• Sign up for a hobby activity that challenges you. Anything that pushes your comfort zone and helps you learn.
• Register for a challenge and set goals e.g marathon , ironman, parachuting.
• Say ‘yes’ to things and give opportunity and adventure a chance.
• Spend time with friends laughing and joking, as these are the moments in life that you will remember and cherish.

We challenge you to try the above strategies and rituals for 30 days. Once they are part of your daily rituals we promise you that your energy levels and success will go through the roof. Remember this…’The price of discipline is much less than the pain of regret.’

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