Child Development Coaching: Helping Your Child Realise and Achieve Their Potential

As parents and members of society, we all want the best for our young people. We care about what they eat, whether they’re getting the best medical attention, where they go to school and who they choose to be friends with, but often, in the midst of all of these things, their emotional development is overlooked.

It is emotion that drives behaviour and if we want young people to behave as sociable beings and socially confident and responsible adults in the future, then it’s important to equip them with the personal skills they need to understand and control their emotions and behave in positive ways.

Child development coaching is about helping young people (7-17) develop those skills. It’s about enabling them to see themselves as credible, valuable individuals who have worth, who have potential, and more importantly who have the capacity to achieve it. Having worked as a teacher and having a degree in Psychology, our Director Adam Zargar saw that children needed more support in being responsible, confident children. Life coaching was popular with adults when he started in 2008 but had not really been seen here in the UAE with children. Understanding the importance of starting early with positive habits and skillsets he developed personalised sessions.

Often, young people enrol on our 1-1 coaching programme following a referral from a family member or professional outsider t due to issues with conflict, social detachment or depression, and although child development coaching can help to resolve those problems, absolutely all young people can benefit from our programme.

There are three key, inter-related areas that our coaching sessions focus on:


Adolescents are by nature quite self-centred beings who tend to think impulsively and although this can be frustrating to outsiders, it’s actually a perfectly normal part of human development.

Thinking is a skill and our child development programme helps individuals to learn it.

Through discussion and activities, we teach them how to listen, to process information, to empathise and think about a problem from their own and others’ perspectives and then make reasoned, informed choices about how they respond to a given situation.

Knowing how to control impulsive or irrational thoughts, to slow down the cognitive process and think actively in clearer, more rational and positive ways is the first step to recognising and realising potential.

Thinking skills are the foundation of empowerment because thought dictates emotion and behaviour and the process is cyclical; positive thoughts fuel positive feelings and behaviours which then fuel more positive thinking, and so on.


The majority of personal, familial or social difficulties that young people face stem from self-doubt, from feelings of inadequacy or inferiority and are driven by a lack of confidence or self-esteem.

Our child development coaching programme helps to address that emotional negativity.

As onlookers, people generally accept that it takes time for a young person to achieve physical maturity but forget that it takes time to achieve emotional maturity too.

Their feelings of anger, sadness, frustration and joy are a natural response to thoughts and environmental triggers, but when they go unchecked then low self-worth can develop.

Our development programme teaches young people the coping strategies they need to acknowledge their negative feelings, deal with them and find a constructive outlet so that they can bounce back from the challenging events or situations that life presents, and move on positively.


The final part of our coaching programme focuses on behaviours. Negative, challenging or self-destructive actions are the symptoms of the thoughts and feelings of a disempowered youth.

Once empowerment coaching has begun to address those thoughts and feelings, then subsequent behaviours will naturally become more positive as programme participants develop their sense of agency, develop the skills and confidence to make wise decisions, and become accountable for their actions.


To find out more about the UAE Coaching child development programme, to access our e-books on building self esteem as a family and creating a happy family or to book a free consultation session, simply call us directly on +971 (0) 551387652 or get in touch using our online form and we’ll get back to you.

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