Should you get a life coach?

Should you get a life coach?

Life coaches give you an advantage

Coaching is one of the fastest growing professional fields and more and more individuals; companies are using life coaches to develop them further and to give them the edge.

Is it necessary to have one? If you want to grow, and to grow quicker than you could by yourself then the answer is a definite yes. People in sports and fitness use coaches all the time to enhance their performance level. They could do it themselves but they know that to get to peak performance and to grow consistently having a coach will give them that extra boost. Holding yourself accountable is a lot more difficult than an expert or mentor doing it for you. Take some of the pressure off yourself and let our team of expert NLP coaches help support you.

Some people use a NLP life coach for their personal life and some for their professional life and even to help develop their family life or help their child gain positive life habits and tools. Some people use a NLP life coach permanently, whilst others are going through a period of complication or transformation and so will have a coach for one coaching journey, typically 10 sessions over 5 months. At UAE Coaching we have a wide range of personal and professional clients. Coaching is not about issues; it is about utilising your strengths to develop further.

Do you feel in a rut that is taking your confidence?

When we look at why our clients have come to us there are common trends with people wanting to work on boosting their confidence or feeling stuck in their present personal or professional life rut. You might be reading this and feel a bit indecisive about what step to take next. Maybe a change in career is a possibility, or perhaps you’re thinking about getting married or having a divorce, going for a promotion or having a career change. But what is the right choice for you?
Our expert life coaches can help. They’ll talk things through with you, ask questions and try to uncover what you really want deep down. You’ll be amazed at the things you will learn about yourself, and the confidence that you will have to follow through with a decision that will, potentially, change your life. One of our current clients Kathryn Horsley has made a massive jump in only a couple of sessions leaving her job in the financial sector to pursue her passion and has opened up a copywriting business called CHAI that has started brilliantly. We have others who have left their jobs to open up cafes, bakeries and home delivery services as well as someone who wanted to be a writer and has now self written a children’s’ book. The point being is when you get coached your hidden passion or passions come out and you build momentum and gain confidence to make the changes you have wanted.

Do you want to get out of your comfort zone?

The comfort zone is the worst place you can be in. One of the 6 human basic needs is growth. Without challenge your life will feel boring and unfulfilled. A life coach will help you set challenges and work out 1,3, 5 and 10 year goals to keep you motivated and growing personally and professionally. Imagine getting up again excited by what challenges await you, re learning something or striving for something that until now has seemed a dream out of reach.

Do you have no one impartial to speak and seek support from?

Sometimes speaking to friends, a spouse or a colleague is not the right thing for you. These people think they know you and what is best for you so they give you advise from their perspectives. A trained life coach will be non judgmental, remain impartial and question you until you get the clarity, answers and actions you want. They will then hold you accountable and further motivate you to improve your way of living and thinking. Our clients often quote the fact they get a massive motivational booster attending regular coaching sessions with our coaches and that they have steps that they can action in between sessions. A big advantage of our coaching is we offer support (texts, calls, emails, books) to assist you between sessions

Does it sound like a life coach could be good for you? Check out our personal, professional or family coaching services and get in contact now for a free strategy session with one of our friendly, expert coaches. We love to create an environment where others like you can succeed.

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