Ask better questions and YOU too will get better results

Ask better questions and YOU too will get better results

It has been 6 months since I was sat on the balcony after the announcement of a Dubai wide lockdown. Back then I was not certain what the coaching world would look like having been someone who had been seeing the vast majority of his clients face to face.

Would it even be possible to continue in my career? Would people be able to afford coaching? Would people ask for a refund for their journeys? How would I support my new family if we would both be out of work?

These were the fear based and ‘self’ questions that would surface inside my mind as panic and uncertainty took over. Can you recognise any of them in you? As an experienced coach I quickly noticed the danger signs of regression. When uncertainty happens many people will go into their survival mode and either look only at their needs or ask really disempowering questions that will not help them get the results they want in life. If I am being honest for the first week I was spiraling, and my state was being affected. Quite honestly if I had continued in this frame I would have created the very things I was afraid of.

Luckily for me something switched inside me as I stared out of balcony overlooking the lakes in the Greens. ‘Wake up Adam!’ ‘Ask better questions’ These words took hold of me and shook me to my core.

How can I grow and contribute even more?

My old driving question resurfaced and instantly I felt better. I did not have the answers I just knew I was on a better path as I was asking a better question. By the end of that day I had started to contribute and grow by writing an e-book (A toast to Corona – Our disruptive ‘friend’) that I was aiming to give for free to people struggling to cope. I knew i was not the best writer yet the passion and speed I wrote was all because I was uplifted by a better question.

I also committed to setting other goals focused on growth and contribution – 2 spiritual needs that lead to a more fulfilling life and achieved the following:

  • Write a Covid book to help people thrive during it
  • Posted on social media
  • Record weekly videos for Neuron a medical health company
  • Appear in at least 5 magazines / papers in UK and Dubai
  • Understand the power and reach of Zoom and do sessions on it around the world
  • Say yes to podcasts and insta/facebook requests
  • Do at least one webinar to a major corporation to help their staff
  • Wake up at 5am for 66 days in a row
  • Read a coaching book chapter every day
  • Sign up for at least 3 online courses and master classes

I am pleased to say I have met the majority of these. Does it mean I have been perfect…? Nope….Does it mean I am improving …? Yes and to be honest that is what I want to see in myself and others. As I explain to the many clients I have coached over the last decade, the power of your own questions and thoughts has the ability to make you feel fulfilled or leave you in a bad place. Literally your life is only as good as the questions you ask yourself and focus on. I, like my team are on a similar journey with you.

Now looking back I am pleased to say that as a direct result of my mindset and actions my coaching clients not only stayed working with me, embracing Zoom, I have never been busier.

I say this to highlight how success happens in the mind first and then in the doing. Mindset and actions have always been the key in your hand to your happiness. There are opportunities out there for you all even if like my wife you have lost your job through no fault of your own. The ones who win out of this will be the ones who are thinking better thoughts and asking better questions. Your patience, resilience to uncertainty and trust in yourself and that the universe has your back is what is needed and will become your greatest gifts.

I challenge you to keep growing and to really work on the thought and questions you ask yourself. As always I, and my team, are here to support you in your personal, professional or family journey. Explore an intake session to see where you are now in your life and where you want to get too. Myself and my team can then help you get there and be with you every step of the way as you understand yourself better.

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