3 ways to get peak confidence in Dubai

3 ways to get peak confidence in Dubai

People who are confident have more friends, create better job opportunities and have more fun.
Think back to a time when you were in the peak of confidence. You woke up feeling great, you loved the sight of your reflection in the window as you were making the way to the gym and were energised from the healthy food choices you were making. It was almost as if the heavens opened and showered you with gifts and opportunities at every corner. Look closely and you will see that it was not by luck or chance. The consistent right choices were feeding your success and boosting you confidence. In this blog post you will learn three simple strategies to boost your confidence.

1.The ‘Up and Out’ Body Language Technique:

If there is one thing I am passionate about, it is helping people here in Dubai recognise the important role body language plays in building their self confidence. I call it the ‘up and out’ technique. Look at yourself in the mirror when you are happy. What do you notice? Your mouth, your shoulders and your chest all move upward and spread out.
When you are happy and energised you are also up and out of bed and this activity releases endorphins. Body language is the number one language. Go to anywhere in the world where they do not speak your native tongue and I bet they are making assumptions about you as a character through the way your body communicates to them. Are you making the best impression around your colleagues, employees or boss? In front of your spouse or children?

Steps to more confidence:

Step 1: Look in the mirror and recognise your body language when happy and sad.
Steps 2: When you sense you are feeling down get out of bed or off the sofa and get moving!
Step 3: Fake your body language until you become it. Your day will go the way of your smile!

Watch this: Your body language shapes who you are… watch this video and learn some more valuable tips and strategies.

2. Being at your best physically:

When you look good your confidence in Dubai increases! Think back to a time you were most confident. Chances are it was not the people around you that made you feel so confident and happy. It was the feelings you got when you were at your peak physically that suited you the most that boosted your confidence. When those clothes your bought fittest you and showed your best assets off. When you were on the beach here in Dubai and flaunting your body on that beach or turning up to a dinner looking and feeling on top of the world. What did it take to achieve that? What were you doing consistently? What choices were you making?

Steps to success:

Step 1: Picture clearly the body shape you want in the next 3 months (90 days) and imagine how you will be walking and what you will be wearing.
Step 2: Go to one of the malls in Dubai and purchase the clothes you want that will for the shape you desire.
Step 3: Get the best mentors you can to support you. Look for a life coach to hold you accountable and set SMART goals (www.uaecoaching.com). Look for a personal trainer that knows their stuff and will encourage and motivate you to eat correctly and train in the best possible way for your goals. I use the trainers at Ultimate Transformation Dubai to get me looking the best I can (http://ultimatetransformation.ae)
Step 4: Try to be consistent in your daily healthy choices. Prepare your meals in advance to give you the best chance of success and to keep you on track to feeling confident.
Step 5: if you make a mistake or have a bad day simply press reset and start again on your path. It is ok to make mistakes, we are all human. Try to see every mistake as learning tools.

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2. Take consistent daily action:

Taking consistent, positive action daily is the best way to achieve your goals and increase your confidence. Just ask our clients about their confidence now and how the daily actions around their rituals have impacted their lives and improved their confidence. When you know what your goals are, and are making small steps and positive choices you will feel the benefit of short confidence boosts daily. Over time they will lead to massive success and greater confidence.

Steps to success:

Step 1: Think of 5 things that are important to you (for example-family, friends, me time, work, health). Before you go to bed write 5 simple measurable specific steps (one for each of the important things in your life.
Step 2: When you wake read the planned steps and complete them over the course of your day.
Step 3: Record how many you have completed and reflect on how the day went as a result.
Step 4: Keep planning, doing and reflecting and watch your confidence soar.
Step 5: Make it fun. I give myself a day off planning, others reward themselves depending on the percentage they do each week/month. Make it work for you.

Watch this: The small, daily choices you make will impact on your longer-term successes and confidence.

I trust you have enjoyed reading these simple strategies for boosting your success. Now it is time to move up and outwards, make yourself a healthy meal and make the right daily choices and action to improve your life. Enjoy the changes you WILL get!

As well as boosting the confidence in Dubai of personal and professional clients, our coaches have done lost of great work boosting the confidence of children.

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