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Imagine attending a workshop or training and never wanting to leave as you were laughing and learning in equal amounts…

…then seeing yourself using the tools and learning successfully upon your return to work and hearing feedback as to your improvement after.

UAE Coaching offers personalised training services and workshop events for large and small organisations across the UAE.


If you answer YES to any of the following questions then training services and/or workshops will be of great benefit to your organisation and team:

  • Are you an advocate of learning is earning and want to apply this across your team?
  • Does your team want to improve their ability to set appropriate SMART goals?
  • Do you want your team to be as happy as they can be in and out of their work?
  • Do you want your team to learn strategies and tools to become better team players or leaders?
  • Do you want to discover your employees individual strengths and see how this informational can help strengthen your team as a whole?

If you want your company to be successful you must make training a priority and remember it’s the value added from the process that is important. Whether you have a brand new team or a well-established one, we tailor our training and workshop activities to the unique needs of your group. 


Training is a crucial ingredient in developing and growing. It is where a company sets aside a period of time for regular workshops and training services aimed at improving the knowledge of their employees.

Training in the UAE is the first thing that gets cut when in a recession. It is however so important that companies keep on doing it as quite literally the more your employees learn the greater value they will add and the more the company with earn in the long run.

Being NLP life coaches we understand that asking the right questions, giving tools and engaging in meaningful energetic conversation is the most essential ingredient for the success of your business. Giving them a safe environment to explore and be creative can be an extremely useful investment.


Our training and workshop are personalised to the needs of your team and each challenge day is organised around a fun theme. We have organised many different events to date. Examples of our most successful training and workshop  experience are:

  • Goal setting success
  • A leader that trusts
  • Change is powerful
  • Happy ever after
  • Strength Based Leadership
  • Strengths Team Work

Our training and workshop experts are very creative so if you don’t have any ideas then our team will brainstorm based on your needs and come up with a tailor made training or workshop solution.


  • We hold an initial 50-60 minute strategy and relationship consultation with you in an informal relaxed setting
  • We send notes of the strategy and relationship session in 48 working hours
  • We design and plan a personalised success plan for you within 72 hours
  • Once all parties are happy to continue we ask for a deposit as a commitment to running the training or workshop.
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This short animation shows how we work and what makes us the go to organisation for coaching and training services.

Our Success

  • Paul

    Warren is an energetic motivation speaker. He captivated us with his words and I can honesty say I have never seen someone with so much energy. He really inspired us to seek more from ourselves and our team has risen to the challenge.

  • Paula

    Our senior leadership team has really benefitted from having a coach help us see the bigger picture and help organise our team. We now work better together and try to support rather than hinder progress.

  • Simon

    I came out of the workshop full of happiness and looking around the feeling was plentiful in my staff. The mood in the office since the event has been a joy. We are choosing every day to be happy!

  • Helen

    The Happy Ever After workshop by Linda Chaccour was a great success. Our employees all said they enjoyed it and it gave them a greater zest for life.

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