Would you like us to help design a personalised training or workshop plan for your employees?

We are happy to meet you and design a personalised training or workshop event for your employees, identifying how you would like your team to develop and grow. We want to show you how getting a group of your team together for an  informal, active and fun training or workshop can break down barriers and improve creativity and happiness.

Remember a company is only as good as the employees are happy and growing, it is a basic human need.

If you find the training and workshop plan we create for your company valuable and you enjoyed the meeting, you might want to go ahead with us running an event for you. Although training and workshops is an expensive service it is important to see it as an investment in your employees and that when they are happier and growing the quality of their work will improve. What value would you put on having a happier, more engaged, more knowledgeable workforce? If for whatever reason you do not hire us for the training right away, you get to keep the plan and use it yourself. Either way you will win immensely. However…

With that said, please understand that our company is not offering a sales pitch in disguise. It is our company promise to never pressure or pester you in any way at all. The truth is we do not need to. Each of our expert and experienced team members has great testimonials, which you see on the right column of this page.

In fact, if you feel we have wasted even one second of your time, let us know and we will pay you for your time. Perhaps drastic measures, but we don’t know of a better way to communicate it more clearly. Our intention is to deliver major value for you.  We are so convinced that when you understand the value of training and workshops and what they can do for your company both in the short and long term, you will absolutely LOVE IT, hence the unusual training offer.

Before we go any further, you need to know that we can’t help everyone as time is finite and our trainers have busy schedules. In order to not waste anyone’s time, you need to know that we can only be of major help to you if you can answer YES to each of these five statements:

  1. Passionate about developing their team and making them happy;
  1. Willing to make the changes necessary and understand training and workshops is a process that takes time and hard work and action from your end is needed after the event;
  1. Open to being honest and transparent at all time;
  1. Happy to do a testimonial when you have had a fun, learning enriched event;
  1. OK with becoming a future authority on having and maintaining a successful team. 


Here is what to do next: send an enquiry for a training or workshop meeting strategy with one of our friendly NLP coaching experts, by clicking on the ‘ENQUIRE NOW’ button at the bottom of the page or by clicking on the ‘CONTACT US’ tab on the right of the page. Alternatively, email us on  Whichever method you choose it is important to please make sure you check your junk folder over the coming days and mark our emails as safe.

Learning is earning. It is crucial you develop your staff so they can in turn develop your company. Whatever you invest in your will get more out in the long term.



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