As a leader sometimes you feel isolated. Having the regular ME time and a non-judging sounding board for my ideas and thoughts has helped me become a more focused and calm leader. I have seen my confidence to manage myself, and my team, improve massively through the journey and my coach has been a big factor in me being promoted twice and achieving my initial goals.

Lucy Casey

Inside Sales Lead, MENAI

The coaching journey was definitely tough and I was guided through the fog of my own creation. I believe that the coaching was very well structured and timed to fit my need in advancing throughout the coaching. I have developed more confidence, identified my weaknesses and amplified my strength through the process.

Wajd Al Hashmi

Business Councils and Groups

Working with my coach has been an enlightening journey of growth, change and positivity. His technique and dedication have allowed me to challenge my norms and see everything in a new light – all very unexpected yet extremely rewarding and uplifting across all levels, be it personal or professional.

Samer Dinnawi

Senior Marketing Manager

I started working with my coach because I had so many ideas but not the tools and clarity to cultivate razor focus. My coach has provided me with invaluable support to build my own sustainable business. I would recommend UAE Coaching to anyone who is serious about his or her professional growth and likes an enthusiastic and effective service.

Kathryn Horsley

Chai Copywriting

Interactive, enjoyable, packed with tools and some superb questions asked. Could not have asked for from a workshop and look forward to move over the coming year.


Assistant HR Manager

Warren is an energetic motivation speaker. He captivated us with his words and I can honesty say I have never seen someone with so much energy. He really inspired us to seek more from ourselves and our team has risen to the challenge.


Head of Banking

Our senior leadership team has really benefitted from having a coach help us see the bigger picture and help organise our team. We now work better together and try to support rather than hinder progress.



I came out of the workshop full of happiness and looking around the feeling was plentiful in my staff. The mood in the office since the event has been a joy. We are choosing every day to be happy!


Director of Finance

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