Professional Development Coaching

Imagine having a coaching mentor who could support you to progress further in your existing career success or help you manage your new team or responsibilities better…

…then seeing you more confident, feeling more relaxed and most importantly full of positive energy as you confidently set about your daily success rituals and seize works great opportunities.

UAE Coaching offers professional development coaching and executive NLP programs for anyone who wants to improve on where they are now in their career.


If you answer YES to any of the following questions then professional coaching with one of our expert coaches will really benefit you and add great value to you within your career:

  • Are you unhappy with an aspect of you professional life and need support?
  • Do you feel like you are in your comfort zone at work and need a challenge?
  • Do you feel that you are struggling to get the promotion you deserve or finding it hard to lead your new team?
  • Do you worry about taking team meetings or having to do presentations?
  • Are you happy with your professional life but want to learn more tools and gain more knowledge to ensure it stays that way?
  • Do you want to connect with someone outside your work environment who speaks the same success dialogue as you and who will treat the conversations in a confidential manner?


Professional development coaching is for any any person who wants to grow, develop and learn and is driven to do so. It is a way of holding an impartial mirror to yourself and clarifying where you are now in your career and where you would truly like to be in order to be at the standard you want. The coaching process is the bridge in between and our aim is to make this an enjoyable and challenging developmental experience for you.

The professional development coaching journey improves what you already have, utilises what you already know and breaks down limiting beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of. By hiring an NLP trained coach you will grow, grow quickly through the skills, support and accountability of having a coach and also learn the tools, questions and strategies in order to coach yourself and your team. Ultimately through the process you will become a better at managing your workload, handling your emotions, communicating with your boss or team members.


Our main aim from the very beginning of the professional coaching journey is to put you at ease and get you to see that we are here to support you and that the coaching process is confidential and free from judgment. We do this through an initial free relationship building and strategy session.

The fact that you trust us to develop your career is something we are humbled by and that is why we are so passionate about creating an environment purely for you and for your success.

For professional development coaching to be successful we need time and a good fit between the coach and you. Before we ask for a long term coaching commitment we arrange a one off relationship and strategy session. This is typically 50-60 minutes where we audit your professional life and see where you are now and where you want to get too to be happier. By the end of this session you will know how the coaching process works and can make an informed decision about whether you can see how it can benefit you and want to commit to a professional coaching journey.


  • We hold an initial 50-60 minute strategy and relationship consultation with you in an informal relaxed setting
  • We email notes of the strategy and relationship session in 48 working hours including an outline of how will help you
  • Once all parties are happy to continue we ask for a commitment to a coaching journey, which includes:
  • Twelve to sixteen bi weekly sessions of personalised one to one professional development coaching spread over a six to eight month period
  • Summary of notes from each session including strategies and tools and key learning emailed within 48 working hours.
  • Optional agreed action steps set to be done between sessions
  • Regular text, email and phone support between sessions with book recommendations, strategies and articles to aid development.



Watch this video to discover how professional development coaching can help you maximise your professional potential and help you achieve your goals.

Our Success

  • Samer Dinnawi

    Working with my coach has been an enlightening journey of growth, change and positivity. His technique and dedication have allowed me to challenge my norms and see everything in a new light – all very unexpected yet extremely rewarding and uplifting across all levels, be it personal or professional.

  • Kathryn Horsley

    I started working with my coach because I had so many ideas but not the tools and clarity to cultivate razor focus. My coach has provided me with invaluable support to build my own sustainable business. I would recommend UAE Coaching to anyone who is serious about his or her professional growth and likes an enthusiastic and effective service.

  • Wajd Al Hashmi

    The coaching journey was definitely tough and I was guided through the fog of my own creation. I believe that the coaching was very well structured and timed to fit my need in advancing throughout the coaching. I have developed more confidence, identified my weaknesses and amplified my strength through the process.

  • Lucy Casey

    As a leader sometimes you feel isolated. Having the regular ME time and a non-judging sounding board for my ideas and thoughts has helped me become a more focused and calm leader. I have seen my confidence to manage myself, and my team, improve massively through the journey and my coach has been a big factor in me being promoted twice and achieving my initial goals.

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