The difference in our family life has been massive since we started parent development coaching. Our kids are calmer because we are. We model how to respond to each other now as a couple which has had a good effect on how our son and daughter now treat each other.


I feel a greater closeness with my children now. I have realised my priorities were all wrong. Yes I must work but I am now better at focusing on what is important at that time. Dinner with my kids, quality 1-1 time and going to see them at their football matches are a must now.


The tools we have got were game changers in our household. We now sit down and eat together and plan ahead for fun, relaxed times during the evenings and weekends.


I was apprehensive seek help at first but it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. My family life has completely turned around and I am so grateful for the coaching support.


Super service and well worth the investment. Our children are with a nanny that is now better equipped to handle the day to day care of our children whilst we are away thus taking the pressure off us.


Each session has taught me so much and I am glad that I have been given this chance to learn. I am definitely better with the kids and now know what to say and do when the children are messing about or not listening.


The boys love our nanny and we love her too. She was already a great nanny but this course just gave her that little bit extra and the effects of the learning has filtered down to the whole family.


I am happy that I did this course as it has taught me lots. I was new to this country and also not that experienced as a nanny. I love children and now can better help them. Thank you to the team.


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