Qualification / Certification

Gabriel Hanania

  • BSc Business Management
  • NLP Coach and Practitioner Certification Training (RSCI, Dubai)
  • Master NLP Life Coach (RSCI, Dubai)
  • Hypnotist L2(RSCI, Dubai)
  • Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner (RSimic, Dubai)

Gabriel Hanania

NLP Master Life Coach

The Humanities have been always my concern, my hobby and my passion. I was always amazed by that creature called The Human Being, and always curious to discover more about the mind, the heart and the behavior. From school days until my graduation humanities were my only concern in everything I studied. Even though my specialties were in management, marketing and advertising, but still the only thing that unified my interests and was the common denominator were humanities.

After years and years in the advertising field with the best international agencies and creating brands on both sides of the market as an agency and as a client plus living, experiencing and breathing marketing, the only part that really made me survive the ups and downs, the politics, the competition, the failures and successes of the whole business was with all my respect the human part. Defining the target was my hero because first of all the target group is the ultimate core study, plan, strategy, brand or campaign to flourish and most heroic is to explore the human insights in order to be able to communicate to.

I reached a point in my life where I needed to follow my passion. I reached a point in my life where I needed a drastic change. I reached a point in my life where I needed to work directly with the human being to ameliorate his life by educating the power of the consciousness, the secrets of the unconscious and the possibilities and opportunities of the now. I reached a point in my life where I need to practice my passion by being the Master Life Coach I am.

As a life coach, I promise you a total dedication to teach, educate, explore, listen, evaluate, assess, discuss, put a strategy, put a plan and facilitate your decision to reach those goals and to achieve the desired happy ending.

If you are able to be teachable and looking forward for a drastic change in your life to break through all limitations and obstacles to achieve your goals and live the now ever after happily, it is your call and one call away.

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