Qualification / Certification

Chantel Rijtma(Dutch)

  • Life Coach & NLP Practioner (RSCI, Dubai)
  • Hypnotist (RSCI, Dubai)
  • Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner (RSimic, Dubai)
  • BSc Psychology (UK)

Chantel Rijtma(Dutch)

NLP Life Coach
& Hypnotherapist

Since getting my degree in Psychology I have been on a decade long path of learning and growth both personally and professionally. Qualifying as an RSimic NLP Life Coach has allowed me to breakdown my own barriers and change any own limiting beliefs so that I can stand here today in a place of genuine happiness, confidence and fulfillment. Combining the knowledge and understanding from my various courses, with my inner passion for helping others has given me the theory and practical tools to make lasting changes with the children and adults I have had the pleasure to work with.

I have a great desire for constant personal and professional development and am a big believer in pushing myself out of my comfort zone to grow. It is because of that desire and consistent determination that I am here doing and loving what I do and being the person I always knew I could be. I get so much pride and pleasure in seeing the genuine look of happiness and confidence on the children and adults I work with and strive everyday to be a better person and coach so I can help more people.

I am a very supportive coach who is known for putting her heart and soul into her clients’ journey. The lives I have touched and relationships I have nurtured mean the world to me. I feel I am very blessed to never having to work another day in my life, as I know I am doing what is my passion. My clients always testify to the “feel good” focus of my coaching sessions, the clear and organised approach and my natural ability to include and empower them. I believe my past experience climbing the corporate ladder, Psychology background and my coaching and hypnotherapy skill set differentiates me from other coaches in the field and is a key factor in my clients’ success so far.

I look forward to meeting you or your child and learning yours or their story and personal meaning making process. Rest assured you will be getting a coach who is passionate and who is easy to open up too. Our sessions will be energetic and enjoyable and when you bring openness to the sessions amazing things will happen. The work I have developed over the last years with children is so important to me.  When I can help them boost their confidence, independence and get them to understand they are in control of their mindset and actions then I am planting seeds of empowerment that will last them a lifetime. Think about it. The earlier we start the development process the better all our lives will be.

If you get that sense that I am the right coaching fit for you or your child then enquire now for a free strategy and relationship session and together lets enjoy an empowering journey

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