Qualification / Certification

Adam Zargar (British)

  • BSc Psychology [2:1] (UK)
  • Education Degree [Hons] – (UK)
  • NLP Coach and Practitioner Certification Training (Mindbridge, USA)
  • NLP Practioner Refresher (RSCI, Dubai)
  • Hypnotist (RSCI, Dubai)
  • Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner (RSimic, Dubai)
  • ICF ACC Coaching Hours Achieved (USA)

Adam Zargar (British)

Executive Director of Coaching
& Training Services

Since attaining a 2:1 in Psychology in 2001 and a further degree in Education I have been leading education and developmental departments in both the UK and UAE. Qualifying as an NLP Life Coach in 2008 has given me a great platform to help many people. I have built up a thriving coaching business and client base, been blessed with guest slots on television and also been featured in numerous print and online media publications.

I love my field and understand that to grow as a person and a coach I must constantly learn and apply more through courses, reading and daily action. With this desire for constant personal and professional development I have added practitioner certifications in Time Paradigm Techniques, Level 1 Hypnotherapy, refresher courses in NLP and am currently undergoing my masters in NLP and Level 2 in Hypnotherapy.

I am a vibrant, passionate person who loves to help people and sees the best in their persona and potential.  I find that coaching success comes much more easily when you find the right coach fit for you. When there is good rapport you should feel at ease right from the first meeting and feel comfortable to open up. With an honest, transparent and supportive coaching relationship success invariably follows. I passionately believe coaching is a developmental experience that everyone should have, whether you are a child, teenager, employee or employer.

I bring both energy and drive to my clients and to the coaches in my coaching company. My aim with both is simple. I want to create an environment where everyone can be successful. The responsibility and trust placed in me both personally and as a founder of this company motivates me to keep aligning my vision with my values. I know that when you mix a powerful vision with consistent daily action towards your goals you will get life changing results.

The coaching promise I make to you is that I will do everything that I can do to support you through your journey. I will bring my positive energy to each coaching session alongside a constantly growing knowledge of life coaching and NLP tools to motivate and aid you in your development. My expectations of you is that you must want to change, you must be open to new learning and possibility and most importantly do your agreed session actions in between our meetings. Together we will release negative emotions, rewire limiting beliefs and set daily success rituals inline with your priorities, values and human needs.

If you feel that I could be the right fit for you then enquire now for a free strategy and relationship session and together lets create great things.

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