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Coaching is the one of the highest growing professions in the world with more and more people around the world training to become a NLP life coach. Whilst it is great that the profession is growing and with demand certainly growing this is necessary it has provided its own challenge in terms of maintaining standards, credibility and regulation. Quite simply it has become too easy to do a coaching course and be called a coach without prior industry experience and credentials.

To become part of our successful NLP coaching team we have put in place strict criteria to maintain our quality and standards. These cover the education and background experience as well as the human and personality qualities. 

Education and background experience:

  • NLP life coach certification;
  • Degrees or certifications in one or more of Psychology, Education, Health & Fitness or Business fields;
  • Years of industry experience and success;
  • Media recognition

Human and personality qualities:

  • Great at building rapport and connections with a wide variety of people
  • Have a genuine passion for helping people become successful
  • Great listener
  • Confident speaker
  • Happy by nature
  • Enthusiastic
  • Someone who goes that extra supportive mile for their client
  • Attention to detail

On this page you will find profiles of all of our current NLP life coach family members.  We have male and female coaches and all our coaches speak English. Additionally we have some that speak Arabic, Hindi, Dutch and French. Take your time to scroll across and look at their different profiles and credentials and choose the one that seems the best fit for you. You can be certain that whichever coach you choose to meet will show great pride in helping you deliver the success you are looking for and have a natural ability to put a client at ease, get you smiling and excited right from the first meeting.


Scroll down the page to see all of our coaching family profiles. Each and every one of our experts are ready to help you, your business or your family become even more successful an has lots of strategies and tools to help you:

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