Thanks to the mentoring I now have a structure to my initial intake and a range of practical tools and outlines for sessions. I have been able to ask questions to someone who has been where I was and also watch him in action.


I needed this as a next step to the coaching course. I know I can coach and have the tools and strategies but this process allowed me to piece it altogether and practice my rapport building and coaching techniques in a safe environment free from pressure. It took me a month but I am pleased to now have my first paid client.


Some people are born to coach and Chantel is one of those people. The way she has quickly gone from student to teacher has been incredible. The way she uses story and coaching techniques really motivated me to succeed


Adam was full of energy and passion when he mentored me. He has come along way from his coaching course in 2008 and his experience (good and bad) have been invaluable. The little strategies he passes on have really helped me.


After all the excitement of the course had passed I was left struggling to get clients. Adam helped me through the process and worked on coaching my confidence in order to push onwards. I am glad to say I have a few clients now and am on the right path


Having your own coaching business takes balls and I know I will have one one day. This mentoring was so great for me as I got to learn how to get clients from a coach who has been there and done it.


This process was a great experience and it was so inspiring to hear and learn how a fellow coach got over the hurdeles that have tripped many coaches up. I feel great now when I coach people and love th at first session and showing them value. I needed this course to bridge the gap and act as a confidence boost.


Interactive, enjoyable, packed with tools and some superb questions asked. Could not have asked for from a workshop and look forward to move over the coming year.


Assistant HR Manager

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