Qualification / Certification

Victoria Tipper (British)

  • BSc Genetics (UK)
  • MSc Nutrition (Aus)
  • Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner (GAPS, UK)
  • Personal Fitness Trainer (International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA, USA)
  • NLP and Life Coaching Certified (Mindbridge NLP Institute, USA)
  • NLP Practioner Refresher (RSCI, Dubai)
  • Hypnotist (RSCI, Dubai)
  • Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner (RSimic, Dubai)

Victoria Tipper (British)

NLP Life
& Wellness Coach

Learning and growing around my passions is something that is so important to me. Qualifying as an NLP Life Coach in 2012 has given me a great platform to delve deeper into the motivations, beliefs and behaviours that shape peoples habits and how they feel about themselves. It has added another string to my bow, allowing me to help even more people in their health and wellness or life goals and to create real lasting change. I have built up a great reputation in Dubai and am currently the nutrition and life coaching expert on OSN boxing reality TV show ‘Fighting Fit. Prior to that I have been on Dubai One Studio One TV show as an expert guest and also been featured in numerous print and online media publications.  I have also been invited to give many talks for coaching and health and wellness.

I love theory and know that to coach or educate someone you must have that solid understanding and be able to apply that successfully and consistently on yourself. With this desire for constant personal and professional development I have added practitioner certifications in Time Paradigm Techniques, Level 1 Hypnotherapy, refresher courses in NLP and am currently undergoing my masters in NLP and Level 2 in Hypnotherapy.

I am a very compassionate, supportive coach, as I know what courage it takes for a person to make the changes in mindset and take the action to transform their life and I want to do everything I can to make you feel at ease. I know if you feel relaxed you will let go of any walls and barriers and the coaching will be even more successful. I have nurtured lasting relationships with my clients that are built on deep honesty and a willingness to offer that extra support that might make the difference. I still remain in contact with my past clients and always look forward to a catch up over a green tea.

I look forward to meeting you and understanding where you are now and where you want to get too. Rest assured you will be getting a coach who will do everything they can to support you in your developmental journey and who will be teaching you tools that I myself have used and know applied consistently will help you be more fulfilled and find your successful place.

If you get that feeling that I could be the right coach for you then enquire now for a free strategy and relationship session and together lets enjoy the process of developing your mind, body, heart and soul.

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