Qualification / Certification

Sana Khammash (Jordanian)

  • BA Accounting – Business
  • NLP Life Coach
  • Hypnotherapist and Timeline Therapist
  • Hogan Assessment Coach
  • ICF – ACC

Sana Khammash (Jordanian)

Empowering Leaders to Life and Career Success (Arabic and English speaker)

Throughout my10 years in HR, specializing in talent management and development I have worked with hundreds of leaders and professionals coaching them and guiding them through their career journey. I have solid experience in designing and implementing programs in development culture and diversity.

Being passionate about human development has always been my driver towards working with people in different aspects of human development, this was not limited to corporate life only but extended to work with different societal categories and community groups.

I always consider self-awareness to be the main driver to any change and going through my awareness journey helped my make a difference in my life sharpen my skills and be an even better version of myself, from that perspective and from my passion to work with people on their development journey my coaching experience started and with time I have equipped myself with the needed knowledge and experience that will enable to better support my clients.

Simplicity and transparency are two important values to me, and I demonstrate this in everything I do. Being present with my clients and even my community and having effective and efficient listening skills are traits that I am always proud of and feedback I have always received.

I realized the value of awareness and being able to speak out your mind without judgement and this what I extend to my clients a safe space where they can be their true self without any judgements.

Being a result-oriented person and acknowledging the importance of results in a very dynamic world always makes me responsible on partnering with my clients to achieve positive results and support them in their  journey of change.

My coaching promise to my clients is to provide them with a safe space to express themselves easily and fearlessly, provide them with different  modalities and techniques to help them achieve their objectives smoothly. My intention is to support my clients and guide them with positivity and energy.

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